play Fast play Furious

Power Ball

The New ball you that you will LOVE, the Power Ball when potted turns all points into Double Points.

Power Play

When the Power Ball is potted all points are double, but hurry it only lasts for 2 minutes

Shot Clock

In the traditional snooker game you can take as long as you like taking your shot, but in Power Snooker you only have 20 seconds and if you fail you loose your turn.

Challenge Friends

Challenge your friends to Power Snooker and make the game socialble and fun to play

Enter Tournaments

Test yourself against the best players in the world and gain loads of  power chips every time you win.

play and Earn

Coming soon every time you play power snooker in any of the power games or tournaments you start earning  a Crypto-Currency known as PowerSnookerCoin


play Fast play Furious
the Snooker App that doesn't let you take your time.


Download the Power Snooker App and then
play Fast play Furious.

Get it for free

Power Snooker App is free to download so that you can improve your skills in practice mode, then test yourself against your friends and enter into tournaments to see if you can beat the best in the world.

Remember to play Fast play Furious

Coming soon to Facebook

The Power Snooker App will be available to play on facebook very soon.

Coming soon play and Earn

Coming very soon you will be able to play the App and everytime you play a friend or enter into a tournament you earn a cryptucurrency known as PowerSnookerCoin.

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