About Power Snooker

About Power Snooker

The Power Snooker Group and its wholly owned subsidiaries is a London based organisation in the United Kingdom. The Board of Directors is made up of people who have already excelled in their chosen professions and possess the necessary international expertise and networks to drive the Group forward. The Board's vision is to create and preserve wealth and align the interest of the management with those of the shareholders, members, fans, and franchisees. We are in the process of creating the Power Snooker Community, a community not just on paper, but a proper ecosystem with a Television voice; Radio voice; Club Memberships, and a constant communication via the social media platforms.

The Power Snooker Group is the owner of the Power Snooker sport. The last UK Championship was televised by ITV4 in November 2011, and shown in 193 countries around the world. Over the years millions of pounds have been spent to perfect the sport in accordance with current trends and create a global brand. We are now in a position to start and the UK Championships will be held in 2018, and then as an annual event. The Group is in negotiation talks with potential partners in USA, Ukraine, Canada, Russia, India, South Africa, Greece, Cyprus, and China for the rights to stage their own National Championships, with the goal of holding our first World Cup Championship in 2022, worth £1,000,000 to the winner.

Power Snooker Group has entered the gaming industry by releasing its first product, "The Power Snooker Game". The Group has already created its second game (to be released by the end of 2017), with more games in the pipeline. Our community will be updated and notified of the release dates of these technological assets.

For some time the Group has been exploring the club scene where the Power Snooker Community can meet, play Power Snooker, hold club competitions, socialise, together with business facilities, and bar and dining facilities. The Board will soon be releasing a strategic programme to how we will achieve these plans. The Group are taking an innovative approach and we are absolutely certain that everybody will be delighted with our announcements. As soon as the Group purchases its own Headquarters in London, Power Snooker Television and Power Snooker Radio will be activated. This will give our community its own content and its own voice.

The Board of Directors are committed to creating a Global Organisation by bringing current and future technologies to the sport, and supporting it with tangible assets, such as reality.

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